Get to know Alissia Canady

Alissia Canady was elected in 2015 to the City Council of Kansas City, Missouri to represent the Fifth Council District. She is an attorney in private practice. Prior to being elected, she was an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney for Jackson County. Alissia is a proven advocate for victims and has worked with neighborhood leaders implementing crime prevention initiatives.

As a mayoral candidate, Alissia believes that Kansas City must create momentum to support neighborhoods where families are safe, business is booming, and the community is thriving as a whole.

As a career public servant and entrepreneur, Alissia is committed to growing our city using the balanced approach of public investment in economic development. As a leader, she has supported policies that are fair and benefit hard-working taxpayers.


Alissia is no stranger to the value of education and hard work. She held a full-time job while attending Northeast High School and simultaneously supporting her mother and family. Later, she spent time in the banking industry while putting herself through college at Park University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in finance.

For several years, Alissia ran her own small business in Midtown Kansas City learning the rewards and challenges of entrepreneurship first-hand. Ever a student, she would later obtain a Graduate certificate in Community Economic Development from UMKC, her law degree from the University of South Dakota, and has since traveled internationally. Alissia has gained exposure to varying regional and cultural experiences that lend to her well-rounded perspective on public policy issues.


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